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The culinary industry grabbed my interest at a very young age as I glued myself to the Food Network, studying how the chefs transformed ingredients into something magical. My passion for the industry has altered over the years as a explored careers in food marketing, food science and nutrition education for underprivileged communities.

I decided to expand my knowledge and technical ability in New York City, where I attended Natural Gourmet Institute. The Natural Gourmet Institute is a health-supportive culinary school that empowers students to explore the connection between food and personal wellbeing. Upon completing my culinary degree, I entered into professional kitchens of NYC working under Chef Hilary Sterling at Vic’s. After a few years on the line, I began working at Sakara Life, managing and operating their growing kitchen production.

I recently moved to Chicago to get a new, fresh perspective. When I am not recipe testing for my own venture (more to come!) or cooking for private clients, you can find me teaching cooking classes at The Social Table.

From my experience and training, I hope to inspire a FRESH look on the way we think about food. I believe food should bring us nourishment and pleasure. I believe in keeping an open mind and maintaining balance by fueling our bodies mindfully with primarily plant-based foods.

- Emily

Food increases the duration of life, purifies one’s existence and gives strength, health, happiness and satisfaction… Such foods are wholesome and pleasing to the heart.
— Bhagavad Gita, As It Is, 17.8