From foodies to farmers the food world is filled with endless possibilities. Here live a few things I've dipped my toes in.

Food Photography 

In the pursuit of creating and eating the best food, I realized the saying is right, "a picture is worth more than 1k words." So I packed up my camera and decided to free-lance the best form of silent communication. My clients include small businesses and restaurants in NYC. 



We are on the forefront of the organic, non-gmo and allergen sensitive market working to spread awareness to consumers. I am passionate about small businesses who strive to change the processed food industry. I have done work as a marketing consultant for start-up companies such as, This Pie is Nuts, looking to expand their consumer base and distribution. 


Nutrition Education for Children  

I was lucky enough to work for an AMAZING organization called The Patachou Foundation, there we 'fight the unacceptable.' Childhood hunger and food deserts have been growing at an appalling rate in the United States, The Patachou Foundation was created to solve the problem at its core. The foundation educates and feeds the children who are subject to hunger and malnutrition. Through after school and summer programs, the children gain a broad spectrum of food knowledge, from agriculture to making healthy choices at home. 


Private Events 

Have a birthday or dinner party coming up that you want to take up a notch? No problem, I cater private events for you and your guests with a menu that is sure to impress. 

Recipe Development

In the spirit of spreading the love for food companies who are going above and beyond. I partner with companies to create recipes that will inspire consumers to use their products in unique ways to increase exposure and versitility of products.